What I'm Doing Now

  • Recently filed a 1500-word article on the best way to become a Financial Analyst.
  • Writing a style-guide "cheat sheet" for a non-profit organization.
  • Recently filed a blog post on adults returning to school.
  • Filed a tourism story on the best places to visit in Nova Scotia.
  • Working on a book cover for a caregiver's guide.
  • Just completed a book cover for a medical / insurance book.
  • Designed an ad and wrote copy to promote online training courses.
  • Completed extensive online training on diversity and inclusion.
  • Completed training on Articulate 360 platform
  • Working on Trailhead badges for Salesforce.
  • Updating training on SEO best practices.

Full writing and design portfolios require a password.

Contact me for portfolio password: cstevenson (at) eastlink (dot) ca.

Just a Peek Writing

Ask for password to see larger portfolio and sample slide decks. See contact form above.