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I was a writer and editor with a major newspaper in Canada for seven years. Since then, I have written for various print and digital publications worldwide. I've conducted interviews, researched and produced blogs and feature articles on many subjects, including hydrocarbon harvesting, renewable energy and pipeline news; mental health; career services; travel; self-publishing; adult education; supply chain and logistics planning, and more. I am familiar with most style guides and have never missed a deadline.

Back-to-School: The Grownups' Guide

Tips for Adults Returning to the Classroom

If it’s been awhile since you set foot in a classroom, you’ll notice some things have changed.

Nearly a quarter of the population—children and adults alike—will return to school this year. There’s no reason you can’t be one of them—even if you haven’t been inside a classroom for years. An estimated 40% of college students will be adult learners over the age of 24. These will be parents, full-time employees, volunteers, retirees, entrepreneurs, veteran